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Please read below for answers to commonly asked questions about Odormute and its use.

If you still have questions regarding Odormute or its use, please Contact Us and we will be happy to help!

Q: Can I use Odormute in a carpet clearner?

A: Odormute enzymes are living proteins. Once activated they cannot withstand temperatures above 110°-120° F. As long as the water temperature does not reach this point, carpet cleaners may be used.

Q: Can I use cold water when mixing Odormute?

A: Water temperature must be between 45° F to 140° F. Ideal temperature between 70° F and 90° F. Freezing will not harm enzymes, but temperatures above 140° F will destroy them.

Q: Can I pre-mix Odormute and store for future use?

A: Once Odormute powder is hydrated, the enzymes will remain active for roughly eight hours. We do not recommend that you pre-mix Odormute for future use.

Q: What is the shelf-life of Odormute?

A: As long as Odormute is kept sealed and dry, our recommended shelf-life is eight years. If the Odormute powder is exposed to any moisture, the enzymes become active and burn out, preventing their use for odor elimination upon application.

Q: What if the smell is still present after I use Odormute?

A: First, ensure that you are following the instructions step by step as supplied with your Odormute purchase. Second, remember that Odormute needs to saturate the source of the odor and then completely dry before it can complete the odor elimination. For example, if you are treating carpet, there are potentially several layers that the odor may have penetrated, like the carpet, pad, floor and sub-floor. Therefore, you may need to repeat the Odormute treatment several times in order to reach the source of the odor.

Q: What is this white powdery residue after I have applied Odormute?

A: Odormute must saturate the source of the odor and then completely dry in order to fully eliminate the odor. To aid in this process, Odormute contains common drying agents like baking soda. The white residue that sometimes remains after a treatment of Odormute is nothing to be alarmed about. Simply vacuum the powder and wipe clean with warm-hot water. If you are treating a fabric or upholstery, simply vacuum and lightly wipe or dab with a small amount of warm water.

Q: Can I use Odormute along with other chemicals?

A: We do not recommend the combination of Odormute with other chemicals. Sometimes chemicals tend to set odors permanently, making it difficult for the odor to be eliminated.

Q: Will Odormute harm my pets, plants or children?

A: Odormute is not a chemical, rather a blend of naturally occurring enzymes. Odormute is non-poisonous and non-caustic, harmless to humans, pets, plant life and plumbing. We recommend wearing gloves and wiping paws exposed to Odormute to eliminate any cause for concern!

Q: Can I use Odormute on concrete?

A: Yes! Concrete is extremely porous, therefore repeated applications may be necessary. Odors that have been present for an extended period of time will prove extremely difficult to remove. Repeat the normal application and drying process several times, rinsing with very hot water between applications. Be sure to dry the treated area completely between treatments, as this step is vital in Odormute's odor elimination. We recommend using fans to ensure  the concrete to completely dry. If other chemicals have been used on the concrete previously, the odor may be permanently set.

Q: Can I use Odormute on wood, leather or Oriental Rugs?

A: We do not recommend the use of Odormute on surfaces that will be affected by complete water saturation, i.e., wood, leather, wool. Because Odormute needs to saturate the source in order to eliminate the odor, damage to these particular materials may occur.

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