Odormute    Septic Tank Maintenance
Maintenance treatment that prevents septic tank backups.

Odormute Septic Tank Maintenance contains bacteria and enzymes that degrade waste into aground-absorbing liquid. A blend of Aerobic and Anaerobic Bacteria with natural and synthetic enzymes, OdormuteSeptic Tank Maintenance helps prevent septic tank backup. Routine pumping of septic tanks may be reduced by using Odormute Septic Tank Maintenance.

The Science Behind the Formula
Odormute Septic Tank Maintenance is a blend of aerobic and anaerobic Bacillus bacteria with natural enzymes.
These “friendly and helpful” bacteria are added to a favorable environment, like a Septic tank, and the spores germinate into growing cells that activate enzyme systems and begin feeding on the available nutrients.

Odormute Septic Tank Maintenance contains five strains of Bacillus bacteria including two bacterial strains which are facultative anaerobes. Facultative Anaerobic bacteria work both with and without oxygen.

Why Both Bacteria and Enzymes?
Bacteria are not enzymes, they are living cells. Bacteria (sometimes called sacks of enzymes) produce and use enzymes to breakdown chemical compounds. Enzymes are proteins which accelerate biological reactions. Enzymes act as catalysts that bind with another chemical that is then broken down. Enzymes provide the “spark” to get the bacteria up and moving to perform their job!


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