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CAT Problems
Spray on Application

Mix Odormute solution at a ratio of 1 tablespoon of Odormute to 1 gallon of water. Mix Odormute in a pint of warm water until completely dissolved (5-10 minutes). Add this solution to the balance of the water to be used. 

​Using a sprayer (hand held or Lawn and Garden type, depending on the area to be treated) thoroughly spray the Odormute
solution on the area the cat has sprayed. Be sure to treat behind any baseboards or other areas where the urine may have run. Odormute must come into direct contact with the source of the odor to eliminate it. Any residue left after drying can be removed with a damp cloth. Note: Odormute will eliminate odors but it is not a deterrent and will not keep your cat from repeating this behavior.
​2. Cat Urine on Clothing or Fabric:
Fabrics and Clothing.
3. Cat odors on carpet or rugs:
Carpets and Rugs.
4. Cat odors on Upholstery, Furniture & Mattresses:
Upholstery and Furniture.