Odormute    AC Tablets
Eliminate odor and remove ​scale in Air Conditioner drip pans.

OdormuteAC Tablets for air conditioners are a blend of several enzymes. These enzymes were chosen to eliminate the scale and odor occurring in air conditioning water accumulation pans. This problem is most common during extended periods of hot and humid weather which is ideal for the growth of odor-producing bacteria. Odormute AC Tablets work to eliminate odors and control scale.

These powerful tablets eliminate odors by chemically changing the source of the odor. Enzymes dissolve organic buildup that cause hard-to-handle problems. Odormute AC Tablets work by actually removing the source of the problem – not just masking the odor.

Odormute Formula has proven safe and effective for nearly 50 years!

​Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-acid.

Designed to Dissolve
Odormute AC Tablets were designed to dissolve slowly during regular use. As humidity creates moisture in Air Conditioner water accumulation pans, the moisture activates and slowly dissolves the tablets releasing the powerful enzyme action.

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